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Learn from My Mistakes

Trading is hard and investing even harder. Both are compounded when you have a 9-5 or other full time commitments, like myself and lot of people in the world have. There's a lot of information out there to learn but, not all information is made equal. I have had problems trying to figure out how to filter out the gold from the trash.

And so, I started my channel with ONE main goal; to use my real trading examples and experiences to provide the real-time visibility and transparency that I think the financial educational ecosystem desperately needs. To show what works and doesn't work for normal people like you and me, so that you as the viewer can trade & invest the way that you see fit.

Credit spreads are the manifestations of my needing to work a 9-5 and the embodiment of trying to maximize your work output. I've proven that you can trade credit spreads to take advantage of market pricing to grow a small account of $24k to a high of $150k. I have shown that trading is inherently risky, and the need to translate those gains to less risky assets, such as my long term portfolio that I share with the public. Come join me and the CSI (Credit Spread Investing) squad by subscribing to my YouTube Channel in order to see real insights, real trades, and actionable lessons so that you too can develop your own trading and investing style.

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